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The company formed in 2008, driven by two plumbers with a desire to solve everyday problems in the sanitary fittings market, with one common goal in mind "Making the installers life easier." We have used the economic uncertainty to our advantage, bringing new ways of thinking, to a very traditional market. We have invested in R&D, to try and bring new products to market, including our universal float valve, UNIFILL. However none of this would be possible without our customers, and we strive to make sure all our clients feel part of the Viva team and look to help them wherever possible.


We have several core product ranges, each category manufactured in accordance with international standards. Our Skylo Range of cistern fittings have been tested and are WRAS approved. We ensure quality runs throughout the whole business and in everything we do. We monitor all our processes in accordance with ISO-9001, which is externally audited annually. As a business we are committed to continuous improvement.


Driven by our goal, our R&D team focuses on improving existing products, taking concepts available on the market today and improving their functionality and design to give the end user greater flexibility and choice. Examples of our commitment to innovation include the patented Skylo UNIFILL, SKYLO UNI -Button, Skylo height adjustable syphon and our unique smart-flo design for our slinky fit WC connectors.


As well as investing in products and innovation, we are always looking to improve our service to customers. We invest heavily in inventory, to ensure products can be delivered to the right people when they are needed. Key to our business is always looking at new ways to serve our customers, including technologies, IT, people, delivery and customer care.  

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